Short FAQ

Q: How can the battery last 30 days?

A: Petbiz trackers use a unique algorithm that enhances performance of the GPS tracking while also saving battery-life. Other trackers simply activate the GPS every few seconds, consistently draining the battery, even when there's no need to refresh the location. Petbiz trackers measure the motion of your pet, updating the location more frequently when your pet is on the go, but less frequently when they are snoozing. This ensures pin-point real-time precision when you are looking for a lost pet, but saves power when they stay inactive in one place.

Q: Is the tracker water-proof?

A: Petbiz trackers are rated IPX7 waterproof, including the USB port. This means it's totally splash- and dust-proof, and can even be submerged for short periods of time. There's not a single scenario in regular daily use that it can't handle, and if it gets dirty you can simply rinse it at home.

Q: How does the tracker know where my pet is?

Our trackers use a combination of NB-IoT, WiFi and GPS technology to locate your pet and send that information back to you. You can open the app anytime to see where your pet is right now, and where they've been before.