How It Works

We have three product categories, Trackers, Smart Bowl and Healthkit, which is a combination of both. Here's how everything works.


If you've ever lost a pet, you know it's something no one ever wants to go through. That's why we build GPS trackers with the highest location accuracy, most durable battery life, and they all work without the need for WiFi over the cellular network. Our connectivity partners AT&T and Vodafone (in Europe) help keep your pets safe when you need it most. 

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Why we're different

Other GPS trackers out there don't last nearly as long on a single charge as Petbiz trackers. Why? Our proprietary algorithm knows if your pet is on the go and activates GPS accordingly. Other trackers simply update the location every few minutes, consistently draining the battery without giving the most accurate location data. Petbiz trackers on the other hand measure if your pet is moving, and update more frequently when your pet is more active, and less frequently when your pet is staying put or sleeping. 

Smart Bowl

Over half of all pets are obese, often without owners realizing, and a large part of that comes down to overfeeding. But how much kibbles make for a healthy meal?

Simply input your pet's weight, breed, age, sterilization level and their favorite food brand and our app will calculate their ideal meal size. The information is then wirelessly sent to the bowl which has a handy indicator light showing you exactly how much to feed.

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Healthkit is our most advanced way of keeping pets fit, healthy and safe. Our G20-Pro tracker combined with the Smart Bowl creates a continuous feedback loop between calories burned and calories consumed. The G20-Pro tracker measures how active your pet is, automatically updates that information and the bowl gives daily adjusted feeding recommendations based on the actual amount of food your pet needs. This is great for pets that need to lose weight, or that have very active lives, which makes their nutritional needs vary greatly from the advice on the back of the pet food pack.

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